Things to be avoided on an Instagram account

Today digital marketers are drooling over a social platform with over a hundred million users. This platform may not hold a torch to Facebook when it comes to actual number of users. But look at some of the other statistics. On a daily basis, between twenty to thirty million pictorial content is added. Every second sees around eight hundred to a thousand comments posted. Till today date, close to fifteen to sixteen billion pictures have been shared.

What platform are we referring to? We are talking about Instagram.

It comes as no surprise that companies are flocking to this platform. Companies can paint a pretty picture using this platform. They can state the story of the brand by direct interactions to a huge database of potential clients. However, among the many success stories lie buried stories of mistakes made and learned the hard way.

Today we will share some of the things that need to be avoided at all times.

The first point relates to a favorite pastime called as Selfless. Yes, they are a great personal interaction tool. However, notice that we mention the word personal. How can this then be used on a company page? Many profile administrators forget about the blurred lines between personal and professional. For example, posting photos about product launches is acceptable. But posting Selfless taken by employees during the launch is not acceptable.

The second point relates to updates. This point can be broken up into two more pointers. The first sub point is about pictures related to food. These pictures make sense only if you are in the food industry. If not, then who would want to see what you had for breakfast today? . Even if you are in the food industry, the pictures should be related to products being sold or made, but not of someone consuming them. Such updates give an impression of a poorly managed account. The second sub point is scheduling of updates. If you post one or two pictures that is too less information being provided. If you post more than six pictures then that is too much information. There is no fixed formula. Use a scheduling tool to manage this activity better.

The final point relates to hash-tags and followers. Hash-tags are a commonly used method for any update. However, most people and even companies use tags that are a mile long. The best way is to use tags that are restricted to two or three words. This makes it easier to recollect. When it comes to followers, please do not ask people to follow you. Instead, ensure that you interact in a normal manner so that they come and visit the profile on their own accord.