The wide world of Facebook marketing

Today every business uses Facebook to market their company. However, most companies restrict themselves only to creation and publication of advertisements. What they do not realize is that this platform offers consumers a lot more in terms of promotion.

Events and announcements

The most successful advertisers have an open secret. They treat their visitors like their friends. In other words, they use Facebook to provide information on everything related to their organization. This can include new product launches, flash sales or end of season sales and so on and so forth. The reason for the same is simple.

By providing information that is not available elsewhere, it shows their visitors that they value their presence and want to be in constant touch with them. This method has shown to increase in sales and also the number of visitors in a very short time period.

Build the brand from scratch

Facebook is a great tool for those starting from scratch. Before the advent of Facebook, many brands had to spend huge amounts of money towards brand building on a local and global scale. With the advent of Facebook, the platform provided is larger with a significant decrease in the amount of money spent for building brand presence.

The reason for this is simple. Companies can include multiple countries and age range as their target location. This means that their advertisements will be displayed on a larger number of social profiles. For example- If a company is known for its ground breaking time piece designs in Switzerland, they can use Facebook and reach out to markets in Asia, Africa, The Americas and the rest of Europe. They need not have a physical presence in these markets. Their virtual presence will help a long way in providing exposure to the brand.

Achieve online sales with minimal effort

Most small and local retailers struggle with the concept of online sales. However, Facebook allows them to sell their products online that is different from any other platform. All the seller has to do is post details of the product along with price and pictures. Next they can inform potential buyers of the delivery time and any additional costs if levied.

This ensures that even the comment box can be converted into a selling tool. It also ensures that the buyers have a real time interaction with an actual person rather than the automated responses available on most sites when an order is placed.