The stare-in your face formula to improve your Facebook marketing program

Let’s face it, it is no longer 2005. This was the year when Facebook was launched. However, in the past decade, the platform has grown from just a social media entity.

Today there are thousands of companies in every part of the globe that use Facebook to market their products and brand. However, there are some that are much better at this than others.

The most important part of Facebook Marketing

Make no mistake, 99% of all companies that use Facebook have a dedicated social media expert handling their activities. However, there are some who have embraced an additional aspect that was always part of this platform for better returns. We are referring to the social aspect. Yes, Facebook has clearly demarcated what is a company page and what is a personal profile. However, the platform has never said that both cannot be interlinked.

Before, we get carried away, let us clarify one aspect. The social aspect being referred to hear does not mean the notifications for joining friends or relatives on one of the many games and causes posted on Facebook. Yes, these are sent by real live people. But does this mean that a company should start playing Games? No. What it means is that the company should engage more often with these individuals.

Modes of engagement with visitors

The simplest way to attract visitors to the Facebook profile is through the company website. There are plug-in and applications that allow you to do the same. However, once the visitor comes to the profile, what will make them visit again? Well, this is where a company should play smart. They should be able to provide exclusive updates and discounts only through the Facebook platform. They should also be able to provide updates to the visitors about the organization and its activities.

However, it should not be restricted to the above. You see, the visitor should be made to feel like they have a voice. So questions on pricing, introduction of new designs and products etc should be directly posed to the visitors. There should also be a mode for gathering and then acting on the feedback and opinions posted by the visitors.

Yes, there are many individuals who may say things out of spite. There may competitors who may try to run down the organization and its efforts through dummy visitors. However, it becomes extremely simple to filter out such comments and understand the genuine comments from the doctored ones.

So, go ahead and embrace the social aspect whole heatedly. You will reap the benefits from the same.