Keep it in mind while marketing on Facebook

It should come as no surprise that Facebook is the most sought after social media destination. In terms of searches and visits, it rivals Google. The website attracts around thirty percent of people who visit the internet from across the globe on a daily basis. In other words, it is a marketing magnet.

Why do we say this? Imagine if your company could reach even 1% of these subscribers on a daily basis.

The questions before any marketing person are – How can I effectively use this platform for my company? What are the effective strategies that can be applied for this platform? Lastly, what should be the budget allocated for the same?

Importance of a company page

The first step for any organization is to have an official identity. Most people make a mistake and create a social profile instead of a company page. Yes, you need to have an individual profile to create a page. However, there is a marked difference in both. The official page allows the creator much greater control. It also ensures that none of the personal updates received on a social profile reflect on the company page.

Understand how the marketing system works

It is important to acquaint oneself with the workings of the Facebook platform. The simplest way to do this is through online tutorials. Most website owners hire specialized experts to handle the same. However, they need to know what are the steps needed to setup the advertisement and how the advertisements are displayed. This will help them make informed choices and ensure that they know what to do when the program starts losing steam.

Use the visual media more often

Ask yourself the question? What content catches your eye? Nearly 99% of the visitors on Facebook prefer videos and pictorial content rather than just written content. This is not to say that the written content should be abandoned. However, there has to be a balance between the same. A good company profile has an equal balance between all three types of content. Why is this important? Even too much of the visual media can act as a turn off for a visitor.

Connect your website to Facebook

This is another mistake committed by website owners and designers. Both the platforms i.e. Facebook and the website should be used to divert traffic to one another. For example- If you have weekly or daily blogs uploaded on the website, then you need to have a direct link on the Facebook company page. Today, there are plug-in provided by Word Press or any other publishing platform used by you to ensure the same.

The above is just an overview to marketing on Face Book. You should do an in-depth research to make your advertising activity effective and meaningful.