Things to be avoided on an Instagram account

Today digital marketers are drooling over a social platform with over a hundred million users. This platform may not hold a torch to Facebook when it comes to actual number of users. But look at some of the other statistics. On a daily basis, between twenty to thirty million pictorial content is added. Every second sees around eight hundred to a thousand comments posted. Till today date, close to fifteen to sixteen billion pictures have been shared.

What platform are we referring to? We are talking about Instagram.

Three essentials to Instagram Marketing

Essentials on instagram

Instagram is unlike any other platform available for marketing purposes. The fact that it uses only the visual media, poses a challenge for any marketer.

However, there are some essentials that need to be followed by every marketing activity. This can help the company enhance the value of the brand and ensure that they get the best of this platform. So let us dive right in and look at the essentials in detail.

Keep inviting more people to join your stream

The stare-in your face formula to improve your Facebook marketing program

Let’s face it, it is no longer 2005. This was the year when Facebook was launched. However, in the past decade, the platform has grown from just a social media entity.

Today there are thousands of companies in every part of the globe that use Facebook to market their products and brand. However, there are some that are much better at this than others.

The most important part of Facebook Marketing

Keep it in mind while marketing on Facebook

It should come as no surprise that Facebook is the most sought after social media destination. In terms of searches and visits, it rivals Google. The website attracts around thirty percent of people who visit the internet from across the globe on a daily basis. In other words, it is a marketing magnet.

Why do we say this? Imagine if your company could reach even 1% of these subscribers on a daily basis.